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Suffering - Overcoming The Storms of Life

Facing Trials and Tribulations in Life with God

A Story for Those Who are Discouraged

by Dr. Joe McKeever

A woman was having heart bypass surgery, and it was time to take her heart off the machine that was keeping her alive during the procedure. When all routine methods failed to get her heart beating on its own again, her surgeon massaged it with his hands, but there was still no response. Entirely out of options, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Tell your heart to beat again," and suddenly it did!

Maybe life has gotten you down so low that you are just going through the motions day after day. A mere shell of the person you once were, or the person you know that you can be. God may have done all that He can do on His part, and is waiting for you to take the next step in order to regain the vibrant life that you deserve. Don't give up....a life of purpose is waiting for you....tell your heart that it is not over.

Tell your heart to beat again.

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