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Prayer in time of Need

Jesus, do not leave me alone in suffering. You know, Lord, how weak I am. I am an abyss of wretchedness, I am nothingness itself; So what will be so strange If You leave me alone and I fall? I am an infant, Lord, So I cannot get along by myself. However, beyond all abandonment I trust, And in spite of my own feeling I trust, And I am being completely transformed into trust, Often in spite of what I feel. Do not lessen any of my sufferings, Only give me strength to bear them. Do with me as You please, Lord, Only give me the grace to be able to love You, In every event and circumstances. Lord, do not lessen my cup of bitterness, Only give me strength That I may be able to drink it all.

We entreat Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God and all saints to pray for these our brethren. We will together raise up glory and thanksgiving to You, Your Father and Your Holy Spirit, now and for ever. Amen.

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