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by Dr M.S. Alexander, Leeds, England

[Editor's Note: The progress in Indian Orthodox Church, a sister church of Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church, as seen by one of its members.]

I hope this article will give a very short description of what we (Malankara Orthodox Church) have been doing for many years.

Malankara Orthodox Church is progressing well in the last few years. We had four Catholicos and a large number of excellent Metropolitans, all elected to their positions by the whole Malankara Association after their eligibility was screened very carefully by a committee. We have a very good management committee, a good secretariat, two world class theological seminaries, a large number of schools and colleges including professional colleges, a large number of good hospitals and clinics. We have a number of residential homes for disabled people of all ages, orphanages etc. Our spiritual organisations such as Sunday School, Youth League, Student Movement, Martha Mariam Samajams are indeed doing well. The work of the Mission Board under the leadership of H.G.Mar Osthathios is well known not only in India but outside our country as well. The mission work of late H.G. Mar Theodosius of Calcutta Diocese in North India is remarkable, which many are unaware of. Numerous women from poor homes were helped to get married by our Church’s marriage aid fund. Hundreds of homeless people were freely given homes. We helped victims of earthquake, and tsunami. The work of Karunya Nilayam had appreciation even from the President of India. There are a number of Prateeksha Bhavans of H.G. Mar Sevarios, giving very good quality care for very poor people in different parts of Kerala. We are a global church, with churches from New Zealand in the East to San Francisco in the West.

Just like Amazon is a great river that is flowing from the mountains and running to the ocean, I see Malankara Orthodox Church as a great river taking all our members to the sea of paradise. For those who seek God, we can show the Way, the Truth, and the Life through our Church.

Source: ICON-October 2, 2011

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