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Theme: Palm Sunday - Hosanna
Volume 7 No. 408 April 8, 2017

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Palms on Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday Procession

1. Foreword: Is He Your King?

This Palm Sunday, we are reminded that we can give our lives fully to the One who first gave His life for us: our faithful Shepherd, our holy Savior, our matchless King - Jesus Christ. ...

I. Palm Sunday in Church

2. Bible Readings for Palm Sunday (April 9) Lec_passion-palm-sunday.htm

3. Sermons for Palm Sunday (April 9) Sermon-of-the-week_Palm-Sunday.htm

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II. Palm Sunday Reflections

6. Appointment in Jerusalem

On Palm Sunday, the Truth rode into Jerusalem on a donkey's back. Although the crowds cheered the Truth, beneath the surface a conflict was raging. The majority did not want the Truth that day, nor have they wanted the Truth on any day since that day. ...

7. March 29, AD 33: The King Comes for His Kingdom

After observing the Sabbath (Friday evening through Saturday evening) at Bethany, Jesus arose Sunday morning to enter the city of Jerusalem. It was March 29, AD 33 - the first day of the last week of his earthly life. ...

8. The King Is Coming: Love's Last Appeal

Let's now consider what the King's coming, i.e., the coming of the Messiah, meant to the people who assembled in Jerusalem, at the Passover, and what it means to us today. ...

9. Palm Sunday - Victory and Defeat

This week the church invites the world to remember the one who comes into the midst of a fickle humanity - duplicity, defeat, violence, injustice, pain, and all. He comes near to good and bad intentions, near the ashes of what was meant to be honor, and the ruins of attempts on our own. ...

10. Three Gifts Offered by Jesus on His way to the Cross

A series of gifts are offered by Jesus as he, the King of kings, makes his way to his throne, the Cross. These gifts involve choices, not only on the part of man, but also on the part of the God-man. ...

III. General Weekly Features

11. Pesaha Appam Recipes

Pesaha appam is a traditional favorite especially in the Northern Part of Kerala. If you haven't made them before make some this year from the easy to make recipes listed here.

12. Recipe for Chorukka - Bitter Drink for Good Friday

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