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Palm Sunday - Hosanna
Volume 6 No. 338 March 19, 2016

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Palm Sunday Procession St. Ephrem's Church, Detroit, MI Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World
Palm Sunday Procession
at St. Ephraim Knanaya Church, Detroit, MI

Photo by Dr. Jacob Mathew, Malankara World


1. Foreword

The so-called "triumphal entry" of our Lord into Jerusalem is anything but a triumph, as we can see from the tears shed by our Lord in Luke's parallel account (Luke 19:41-44). Those who enthusiastically welcome Jesus to Jerusalem as the "King of Israel" are some of the same people who, in a week's time, will be crying out, "We have no king, but Caesar!". ...

I. This Sunday in Church - Palm Sunday

2. Bible Readings for Palm Sunday (March 20) Lec_passion-palm-sunday.htm

3. Sermons for Palm Sunday (March 20) Sermon-of-the-week_Palm-Sunday.htm

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II. This Week's Featured Articles

6. Introduction: Palm Sunday

Jesus was on His way into Jerusalem on Sunday morning (Palm Sunday), to present Himself as King of the Kingdom of Heaven. He began on foot from Bethany, which is only about two miles from Jerusalem. ...

7. Palm Sunday: The Victory of Humility

Though the Divine Word was God, dwelling in the serene heights of heavenly glory, he freely plunged to the depths of human misery, joining himself to our frail nature, entering into our turbulent world. As if this act of humility were not enough, he further humbled himself, accepting the status of a slave. ...

8. The Word of the Day: 'Hosanna!'

Now what is the meaning of this word hosanna, as we have used it and heard it being used? When the crowd at Jerusalem cried, "Hosanna!" and when we here today sing, "Hosanna!" they and we are using it as an acclamation, an ascription of praise. We are welcoming and praising Jesus as the great King. ...

9. Homily for Palm Sunday Mass

But what kind of a King is Jesus? Let us take a look at him: he is riding on a donkey, he is not accompanied by a court, he is not surrounded by an army as a symbol of power. He is received by humble people, simple folk. Jesus does not enter the Holy City to receive the honors reserved to earthly kings, to the powerful, to rulers; he enters to be scourged, insulted and abused, as Isaiah foretold in Is 50:6. ...

10. A Palm Sunday Sermon

In the Gospels, we are presented with information about Jesus: what he did, what he said, and who he was. But we are given very little information about what he pondered in his heart. One exception is the forty day period of temptation in the wilderness at the very beginning of his ministry…the forty day period we now call the season of Lent. The other is his last night of life in the Garden of Gethsemane…

11. Story of a Redeemed Donkey

III. General Weekly Features

12. Recipe: SPECULAAS (Dutch biscuits)

Speculaas, a Dutch biscuit, is very easy to make especially for a person who finds making biscuits a challenge. Make some for Easter. ...

13. Mango Strawberry Sunset

Goes well with your biscuits for Easter Entertaining. ...

14. Pesaha Appam Recipes

Pesaha appam is a traditional favorite especially in the Northern Part of Kerala. If you haven't made them before make some this year from the easy to make recipes listed here.

15. Recipe for Chorukka - Bitter Drink for Good Friday

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